About Us


We are trained to help data scientists,
developers, researchers, and tech companies
to master the entire AI algorithms.



We are a team of tech-savvy
nerds who love to label and
validate data.


We’ve started small and hoping
to do amazing things with
Machine Learning.


We are dreamers united by
a single purpose to make
machines super smart.


Our Story

We started our journey in 2020 with a simple dream
that the world can be made better if we can teach machines to do things for us.

We believe technology is the future and AI would be its backbone.

We at Cappersoft, label and train data so accurately that it gives companies
the confidence to deploy their AI models.

We utilize our huge pool of skilled people who delicately annotate thousands
of images, videos, texts, audios and documents 24 hours a day. We relax only
when we get the job done.

Our Mission

To bring your craziest ideas
to life for AI applications

We accelerate your growth by working on your
AI development with our superhuman expertise
and AI/Machine Learning infrastructure.


Our vision

To take the pain out of data labelling
and creating high quality datasets for
machine learning teams.

However, our broader vision extends across what we do or where
we want to be. It’s more about how we want the world to be like.

The situation of poverty in Pakistan is worse due to COVID-19. As per IMF
projections, nearly 40% (that’s around 88 million!) of Pakistan’s population
is to slide beneath the poverty line in this pandemic. While the talent in
Pakistan is massive, the opportunities are equally lacking.

We at Cappersoft believe we can play a role by harnessing this potential and
creating employment. This is one of the motives why we’re giving the latest digital
to the youth and work opportunities to women.

Higher education is expensive for most Pakistanis. Cappersoft strives to exploit the
potential of youth in a country where more than 60% of the population is younger
than 30. WOW! That’s huge!

Nobody should have to abandon education to get a job. We’d love to see young men
and women learning and earning at the same time.

In short, we intend to benefit the region by aligning our
business model with the socio-economic development
for a sustainable, inclusive and prosperous future.

Our Core Values


Very human
Artificial Intelligence

The smartest of machines are
trained by the smartest of us.


We work together
as a team

We Divide and Conquer
complex jobs into simple tasks.


Your goal is our goal

Any job that comes to us receives
ownership and participation in
your most critical challenges


Gender Diversity

We believe in social
responsibility and inclusion
of women in technology.


Since I had joined Cappersoft as data annotator.
I'm proud I've made the choice of coming to this
wonderful place and working with such amazing
people. Cappersoft not only taught me new skills,
it also gave me the opportunity to grow as a
professional and focus on my long-term career.


Being a young woman, I bet we need more companies like Capperspoft in our country. The super-flexible model of working is exactly what every woman needs. Workplaces like Cappersoft allow women to balance work and family and do good in both.

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