Cappersoft - Industries - Data annotation solution for all industries.


Data annotation solution for all industries to render high-quality
training datasets for machine learning-based model development.

AI in Drones

Autonomous flying drone uses the computer vision technology to detecting the objects to keep moving on the right path while flying in midair.

AI in Drones

AI in Automotive

Self-driving cars under development, with adoption
of artificial intelligence and machine learning for better driving experience.

AI in Robotics

The AI in robotics not only helps to learn the model to perform certain tasks but also makes machines more intelligent to act in different scenarios.


AI in e-commerce

Artificial intelligence in online shopping is transforming the E-commerce industry by predicting shopping patterns based on the products that shoppers buy and when they buy them.

AI in Fintech

AI in fintech can investigate driving factors such as analysis across diversified portfolio, historical data, equity value and risk management. Mathematical models can be developed from such data management.


AI in Education

Computer vision and machine learning are providing new ways to revolutionize learning and skills training at universities, colleges and school.

AI in Insurance

Machine learning in insurance is to predict premiums and losses for their policies. Detecting risks early in
the process and damage detection that gives
them a huge competitive advantage.


AI in Health Care

Machine learning in healthcare is helping patients, clinicians, automating medical billing, identifies complex patterns automatically and make intelligent decisions.

AI in Agriculture and Farming

Artificial Intelligence in e-agriculture help healthier
crops, control pests, monitor soil, organize data
for farmers, and improve the entire food
supply chain.


AI in Smart Cities

AI-driven computer vision systems, allow computers to identify millions of elements of urban life simultaneously, such as people, cars, public
workers, trash, accidents, fires, disasters, etc.

AI in Security and Surveillance

AI for security and surveillance uses machine-based learning to monitor and analyze the images,
videos,and recognizing the movement of
human beings, vehicles and
different objects.


Accelerate the Training &
Development of AI applications.